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1 year ago - 22.02.2023
Serge Lutens’ New Unisex Fragrance: An Ode to the Luxury and Excess of Life

Serge Lutens’ New Unisex Fragrance: An Ode to the Luxury and Excess of Life

French niche perfume brand Serge Lutens launches "Écrin de Fumée", a new sensual tobacco fragrance.

"Quick, quick, the world is ending! Our existence must be urgently saved. Champagne flows under the roar of the cannons. Corks in the air, could they be on fire? Under the smokescreen, life is a decadent game." 
— Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens
introduces "Écrin de Fumée" as a sensual and sweet fragrance infused with distinctive tobacco notes. The creation is meant to be a tribute to those who live life intensely and appreciate the pleasures of luxury and excess. At the same time, however, it emphasizes that life in abundance has limits and one must inevitably face these realities. Once the party ends and the smoke screen falls, the tragic reality check comes.

Écrin de fumée (Serge Lutens)
Écrin de fumée (Serge Lutens)

The Serge Lutens brand is distinguished by its often unconventional fragrances. Starting with his career as a photographer and makeup artist, the eponymous founder did not begin as a perfumer. He was hired by Christian Dior in the 1960s as the creative director for the makeup team, and he later worked with other renowned fashion houses such as Shiseido. Despite his success in the world of makeup, he always had a passion for fragrances. In 2000, he co-founded the Serge Lutens brand with perfumer Christopher Sheldrake, which quickly established itself in the perfume industry. Serge Lutens' perfumes have since been known for their exotic and often unusual ingredients that provide an olfactory journey through a variety of places and cultures. Three of the most famous creations are "Fleurs d'oranger", "Ambre sultan" and "Chergui".

Écrin de fumée (Serge Lutens)
Écrin de fumée (Serge Lutens)

"Écrin de Fumée" presents itself as a tobacco-colored liquid in a transparent glass bottle, which is characterized by its simple elegance and clear rectangular shape.

The fragrance is available in bottle sizes of 50 ml and 100 ml.

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