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Gandix 1 month ago 40 76
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Hope never dies
The earth a blue ball...
Even if the world weeps a thousand green tears,
until the water carries creamy waves over the land...
Earth turns to clay and smells of Mitti...
Stone deserts
Sweating geosmin...
Flowers freeze to ice in the pale silvery haze of the dying sun...
a scent of yesterday floats in the spaceship...
Back then - memory...
People lost in space...

But hope never dies

When a first fluffy cloud quietly makes its way...
a moss lichen spreads cheekily over a stone...
a little bee, still weak, searches for food...
(Where had it been hiding?)...
then I come home...
feel warm and safe in the soft green-brown...
and above it is still blue.

Diane thinks a lot about the effects of environmental influences on the earth's ecosystems and wants to show the beauty of these ecosystems and their fragility in this fragrance. She has achieved this wonderfully. For me, it has become a fragrance full of hope. The fragrance consists of 7 fragrance accords, some of which I can smell, others I cannot. For example, I find it difficult to make out the individual flowers, but they are very cool flowers, almost unapproachable.
On the surface, it is a decidedly green fragrance, with a distinct ozone, almost pungent in the opening, which also has creamy notes.
When you delve deeper, it is incredibly exciting and reveals many facets. Once again, it's a fragrance where the less I apply, the more I discover. If I spray more, then the green and the ozone are also too striking for me.
In any case, exciting to test.
Gandix 7 months ago 59 81
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The lewd witch
Please don't scold me now. This is what Stora Skuggan suggests about the fragrance.

Angelica, the lewd witch
was overcome by very strange urges.
To redeem herself, she thought it would be good if she
rub herself on a hemlock-covered broomstick.

Belladonna glow in her marzipan eyes,
she dashes like mad on her vehicle through the hemlock forest.
The neighborhood cries bitter-salty tears of fear
Tuberose tears soon.

The style of formal warm wood,
caught fire when braking on the patch earth.
Even the witch was no longer entirely comfortable with this.

Exhausted, she now lies on the ground,
Her hair streaked with lichen.
Her equipment badly battered from the flight,
battered from the flight,
now adorns the entrance to the witch's house.

And the moral of the story,
Never, never, never put witch's flying ointment on a broomstick.

This or something similar could be imagined if you
the lines from Stora Skuggan.

In the end, it is a rather spicy, somewhat sweet forest fragrance with a hint of bitterness. A forest for mass tourism, but quite pleasant to wear.
The mushrooms were probably trampled by the crowds. I can't find them here.

I really like the fragrance, even as it is. But my expectations of something extraordinary were still somewhat disappointed.
Gandix 7 months ago 48 77
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The secret passions of Barbapapa
When our mermaid showed me the other day the most diverse cotton candy for her picture,
i had to think inevitably of the children's series Barbapapa.
Not only because Barbe a Papa is the French term for cotton candy
(you can think of the apostrophes, I can't find them on my phone, and actually I can't remember them anyway),
but also because that looked just as motley, as the Barbapapas...
Very well...
The pink daddy absorbent cotton has not
made it to the picture.
The tasted certainly after strawberry, that is not in the scent. Therefore, it was rather immediately aufgefuttert...
Yes, would have smelled the times after currants, then she would have been photographed with...

So today then came the scent...
The bibergeile Barbamama has also had better days...
The spark does not want to Barbapapa just jump over....
(And to me somehow also not...)
He smiles then just sweetly their advances away....
He is afraid, because actually they have enough children, a whole Lux - uriöse tropi-fruity-colorful child crowd.
Only Calm they are not.

Suspiciously, Barbamama iridescently raises an eyebrow...
His pink suit somehow smells like strawberry after all...

Seeeejungfrauu.... Spit out the strawberry cotton again..
That was dad's suit...

Such a 'Divine Person'...
Thereby are also only old juices in his hose...
Furiously, she creams her iris fur and cleans up the kids' plastic toys.
What a mess.

But all that plastic calms her down.... The baby is awake and she gives Barbakus kisses on the bepuderte Popöchen.
Barbarella comes home from school,
from far away she smells her lilavender good mood...
Her anger at Barbapapa has evaporated...

Somewhere in the house, a few plastic strawberries are still rolling around...


As a brief summary:

On the sprayer, the fragrance smells extremely sweet, and I perceive the fruit predominantly as strawberry.
On skin, he is fortunately not so oversweet,
nevertheless sweet enough that the association with cotton candy fits well.
The typical Bianchi iris fur is clear, and just nothing new anymore.
Just as little, as the clear reference to Divine Perversion with the strawberry, and to Luxe Calme Volupte with the powdered fruits.
What I have here extremely, is a strong plastic note,
but hardly any smoke.
Plastic melts yes also only ;)
Also the sweetness remains throughout the course.
Lavender remains very far in the background.
I would like to have a little more of it...
Oud I smell only very diffuse and only for very few minutes.
Where for me in Byzantine Amber was a foray through their best fragrances, this is a mishmash of their most trivial.
Bad and uninteresting he is still not, but also anything but a highlight.
Gandix 8 months ago 38 62
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And daily greets the groundhog
The cellar from which a cologne escaped.
She shakes
She shakes herself
Splashes orange juice over you
The other fruit.

And daily greets the groundhog. You could also call it Schliefer.
Now you think certainly, the nen bang, but this is Gandix live testing. And that was indeed what came to mind as the first thing in the fragrance.
But from the beginning...
After all, I had no great desire to test the fragrance after I smelled the TZ. There were strange spices and a strange Animalik.
But still... up on the hand.
It actually starts with distinctly Hyraceum, the fossilized excrement of Schliefer, a small animal that looks like a groundhog. So please, check it out, how cute is that. Is such animalism supposed to smell nasty? Well, it's a bit fierce at first, but retreats quite quickly, and gradually mixes with a slightly spicy smell of forest floor, maybe some bark. What spices? I can't tell. It's round and pleasant throughout. Citric I can imagine at the time at most very briefly.
Now I'm confused. Didn't it say something about cologne in the description? I use the time to read the other statements. Completely different from what I smell. I almost want to put the fragrance aside, but stop.... This earthy smell of forest floor, bark, in between maybe even slightly mushroomy,woody too.... It will be the oud with the patchouli... And that remains then also first so...determined ne hour
Yes well... It could be the earth cellar of an old wooden house, but should I write that now in a statement? From a cologne I am miles away.
I look first further my series. It's a pleasant smell now, not musty...
At some point, a fruit peels out.... I think, meanwhile, 2 hours have passed. I am surprised and sniff attentively.
A lemon it is not. It is somehow orange... But neither an orange, nor a tangerine. Also no Cascarilla. The bitters that were present in the prelude are long gone. Yet somehow already tangy, like a drink.... But what is it? I call it Different Fruit because I can't place it. But at some point it clicks.... It will be the interplay of lemon and tangerine with currant. And it smells great. Different, new and great. And so in the end I still ended up with a somewhat unusual, rather dark cologne, because the earthy notes still accompany the different fruit. That remains a few hours so, and I enjoy it.
Gandix 3 years ago 44 32
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Am I Leather Am I Slut
She didn't know what to expect within the walls of the old castle.
Barely noticing the smell of the old wooden furniture.
She stood there...
in this latex overall in RED,
with leather zipper,
and the red high heels.
He had laid out these garments for her,
and told her to please wear them.
HE - Vlad was his name...
the castle in Romania,
the name...
it was a bit creepy.
She got a slight chill.
Every contour of her body stood out
underneath the tight-fitting garment
Underneath, she wore - NOTHING.
On the table was a bowl of cherries,
soaked in almond liqueur.
Carefully she took one and put it between her teeth.
So she stood for the time being,
the sinful cherry between her teeth,
like her blood-red lips.

Then suddenly he stood before her
Vlad - handsome, mysterious, attractive,
smelling softly of mint.
He eyed her appearance...
The red hair,
the red latex jumpsuit with zipper,
which seemed to burst under his gaze,
down to her red high heels,
and slowly back again.
His gaze lingered on her eyes,
which had long been dark with desire,
the lids half closed.
As if hypnotized, she stood there.
With his teeth he took the cherry
from her mouth,
and BITE down...

Her juice dripped onto her blood-red lips.
She licked, but he beat her to it,
and kissed the juice from her lips.
A trickle ran down her neck,
along her artery.
Lasciviously, she tilted her head to the side.
His lips followed the trickle...
rested on her carotid artery...
then he BITE to....

Her senses faded,
the scent of cherry shisha tobacco hung in the air.
He sucked of her blood.
Everything spins

In her mind she sees the images,
what he would do to her...
would be...
Everything is spinning,

This fragrance that can't make up its mind,
i am LEATHER...
is RED,
as he cannot be REDER.
He is NEED that gets into trouble.
He is just

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