Mane' by Atelier N°7 Erika Gualtieri
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According to EssenceVitae Research Team A popular perfume by Atelier N°7 Erika Gualtieri for women. Furthermore The release year is unknown. The scent is smoky-spicy. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.
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Riding rooms can be found in almost every horse stable and they have their very own charm and special scent. When I started riding in the nineties, there was still smoking in riding stables. Some had vending machines, often you could make coffee, and usually they had older leather furniture. I remember wooden floors, often quite worn and somewhere in the corner was a tiled stove.

If a tournament attendance or a ride in the group stood to a special cause, usually on the eve of the spectacle the horses were prepared, particularly cleanly cleaned and afterwards one cleaned saddles, bridles as well as the leather riding boots. After everything was cleaned from the traces of daily riding, oil or grease with beeswax extract was applied to the leather, which not only nourishes, but also provides a beautiful shine and makes the horse and rider shine at their grand entrance.

A sniff of Mane catapults me immediately into such a cozy riding room. And there were definitely saddles and boots cleaned and greased that day. Because next to the tiled stove, the old seating furniture, the worn wooden floor and the cold smoke of the cigarettes, I clearly sniff leather care balsam from the equestrian supplies. The good and expensive grease that smells so nice and vanilla at the back. I was today mentally with my rider badge examinations in young years or with the legendary New Year's Eve ride on the dearest yard of my childhood. I also had to think of the first tournaments. And of the many beautiful hours with friends of many years as well as new acquaintances, who also went in and out on these farms and the Reiterstube. I think of my former riding instructors. All of them were different characters. Almost all of them were heavy smokers. But my thoughts are also of ice-cold fingers and feet in winter and the nice feeling of slowly getting warm again by the tiled stove and feeling safe.

Mane is for me quite far from a classic perfume, but manages to reactivate many of my memories. A fragrance for sniffing cloth, not necessarily to wear, but still somehow beautiful. Homey. Warm. A piece of childhood.

Since the fragrance is very intense, I recommend to apply just a droplet and let that work on you. Childhood romance guaranteed.

Dear thanks to Susan for the test opportunity.

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Nepalese incense stick and Swiss herbal candy
Some years ago I once had incense sticks, which according to the seller came directly from Nepal and were made there by hand. I immediately had to think of them when I sprayed on "Mane": smoky and resinous and above all a mixture of dried herbs unknown to me. When I inhale very deeply I sense something very dark green. Over the next 1 to 1.2 hours sweetness comes in. It could be honey, but it doesn't have to be. And gradually my association wanders from Nepalese incense to the well-known Swiss herbal candy: sweet, malty, herbs, spice, while a delicate smoky note is never completely lost.

"Mane" lasts hour after hour. I come to at least 24. Only after about 13 hours I also perceive a floral touch, rose I think.

But I can also relate to what my previous commenters describe: Wood, furniture polish, resin, smoke, leather, honey.

With everything, I don't feel the sillage of M is too strong.

Honestly? So right is not clear to me whether I like "Mane" or not. I still remember that the incense sticks came only twice to use, and then I got a ban. I myself was still undecided on what to make of those things. The herbal candies, on the other hand, I quite like

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Nonnina's House
I am on my way to my grandmother's house in the south of Calabria,
that I inherited.
I haven't been there for a long time, too long...
Slowly I walk up the path, the steep rocks are difficult Broom bushes line this path.
Mane, that was my grandmother's name, lived in a house on the cliffs by the sea.
Meanwhile I have arrived in the garden.
There are still the acacia trees,
slightly skewed, from the constant west wind.
I take a deep breath of her scent mixed with a light touch of hay,
of a meadow not far away.
It's late summer...
Slowly the memories return.
Here we had played as children,
on the meadow and here in the garden,
under the shady acacia trees.
Like from far away I can hear children laughing,
and the voices of women,
who met here regularly, young and old.

Now I'm standing in front of the heavy, oaky front door,
take a few deep breaths in and out,
before I open it...
And it's like it's always been,
The bright polished tiles,
who gave coolness in summer,
the wallpaper of the walls, slightly faded,
in delicate colours.
Even the wooden furniture still exudes a delicate touch of furniture polish.
I open the shutters of the windows
and golden sunrays penetrate the room,
together with the omnipresent west wind.

I turn around my gaze goes to the fireplace,
a constant reminder of the cold winters,
where the west wind seemed to blow through every crack.
Now this wind has the scent of acacia trees and the sea with it.
Then my gaze wanders to the leather coach,
and memories are flooding back
Mane seems to be in the room with me here.
Mane, in her apron,
with her dark hair streaked with delicate silver threads.
I let myself fall onto the coach, gripped by the depth of my feelings On this coach,
where I sat as a child,
and Mane blew on my knees,
once I'd opened it Mane, how she sang songs to comfort me Me, mouth full of little pieces of honeycomb,
from which she made the wonderful acacia honey.
When I got older, I was still sitting on this coach,
snuggled into Mane's arms,
told about first love
and the first heartbreak And Mane listened, comforted and kept my little secrets She laughed with me, dried my tears,
until the fire in the fireplace had long since gone out,
with the smoke that always hung a little in the room.

I'll get up and light a fire,
the evenings were getting chilly And I think of you Mane,
my beloved Nonnina,
you were the dearest grandma in the world
This fragrance simply makes you happy. It's like coming home to people you love Even though I am writing here about a grandmother (I left the name here) and her house, he is also incredibly sensual and erotic, with all the emotions he carries within him.
Are these the secrets you keep inside you, Mane?


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The Chignon
Smell like mane'? Mane' are Erika's memories of her grandmother, who was really called Mane' and lived in Calabria. Mane' is like an old film that you project onto a crumbled, old pink wall. With Mane' she tells old memories of her childhood and youth in a very impressive olfactory way. The story of the old and young women who lived there and shared their secrets with each other. Secrets that remained a secret forever!

When you watch Erika's memory film, you see and feel the depth of these memories and the smells that accompany them. You see an old house that is not far from the beach. You open the door and enter the premises. Smoke and ashes are in the air from the stove where the fire was extinguished. The masonry has become old and fragile from the humidity coming from the sea. One opens the windows to let air in. The scent of fresh hay laid out to dry in the fields and dried in the sultry midday heat streams in and mixes with the sweet scent of the sea of ambry and algae notes of seaweed. Walking through the rooms where very old oak furniture is placed, covered with leather and aligned, you open the door that leads to the courtyard behind the house. A small path leads through a garden where May roses are in bloom. The air is honeyed by the nectar of the acacia trees. Jars of honey made from it are placed on a small garden table. One continues along the path through the garden to the end. And then you can see them! Under a splendid magnolia tree they sit on chairs, the old and reverent donnas in their black dresses, weaving elaborate chignons from their black-grey hair. They whisper secrets and stories into each other's ears while their still proud manes are woven fine, filigree and carefully together. Stories and secrets that no man should ever know! Little girls in white linen dresses run around laughing and playing while the wind blows through the magnolias and carries away the petals and their vanilla-sweet scent like an old, faded memory of distant years and deeds
is the fragrance of childhood, youth and maturity of a woman. Mane' is heavy and full of emotion. It is sweet like a beautiful memory and powerful like heavy secrets that you carry with you. It is playful and at the same time deeply sensual and whisperingly erotic. Mane' is not a light perfume. It contains the concentrated power of emotions. Mane' fascinated me in a shocking way, because you think you're trapped in Erika's head and memories and part of her. A perfume that was definitely made for women and should stay with them. In terms of durability and sillage, Mane' is almost like an old memory. It's so good for everlasting and very long with you. Extremely durable and intense. Mane' is an extremely atmospheric perfume that is far from the familiar. Deep, feminine, emotional and disturbing touching!


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