Inside 2006

Inside by Trussardi
Bottle Design Thierry de Baschmakoff
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7.5 / 10 175 Ratings
According to EssenceVitae Research Team A popular perfume by Trussardi for women, released in 2006. Furthermore The scent is sweet-gourmand. It was last marketed by Perfume Holding.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Half-way between oriental and gourmand
Trussardi INSIDE WOMAN is not really a gourmand perfume, despite its coffee and vanilla notes, but it's also not quite an oriental perfume. It lies about half way between the two categories, at least as I conceive of them in my mind. The coffee note is not really identifiable as a coffee note. In fact, I discovered earlier today that Prada CANDY, which lists no coffee among its hierarchy, smells almost exactly the same!

Sweet clean musk with an ambery touch is probably the best way to describe this creation. I think that those looking for a clear coffee note would be happier with something like Sonia Rykiel BELLE EN RYKIEL or Balmain BALMYA or Bond no 9 NEW HARLEM. However, Trussard INSIDE has an appeal all its own. I find it to be similar also to La Perla ECLIX, which however includes an unsweetened cocoa bean note instead of coffee.

So what does this really smell like, all of these marketing terms aside (notes are metaphors!)? INSIDE is a wintertime comfort scent for me. It is smooth and calming, and wearing it feels like eating cookies. Yet it is not an edible scent. I would recommend this creation for testing by people who are drawn to perfumes such as Chôpard CASMIR but put off by their intensity.

INSIDE is a gentler, less sweet version of some of those oriental vanilla perfumes. On a good day, it also smells more natural, although I am quite sure that the composition contains much synthetic material, because not every wear is equally pleasant. Basically, INSIDE is like a higher-quality version of something like Halle Berry HALLE. If you are drawn to that general genre but cannot stomach the soup, you might like INSIDE.

I also recommend this perfume for testing by those who like Prada CANDY since they are empirically indistinguishable to my nose! INSIDE is much stronger and much less expensive than CANDY. They share a variably synthetic quality which rears its ugly head on some days but not on others...

Update: I just did a side-by-side test with Prada CANDY and discovered that they are not identical, for the Prada signature cedar note common to many of the members of the Infusion series rings through clearly, serving to identify the perfumer of CANDY as Daniela Andrier...

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Gourmand Joy
Trussardi Inside for Women is another gourmand favourite of mine. How did Trussardi manage to make coffee, amber and heliotrope have a happy relationship not just with each other but with amber too! Don't know but lets enjoy it!

A delicious caramel coffee, with an amber (vanilla) note and distant florals that somehow manage to make a wonderful yummy and "must sniff!" scent.
The only other perfume that has this kind of gourmand yumminess with a twist on me is Bvlgari's Omnia. Both are wonderful scents for autumn/winter or just to feel warm and cuddly. Both are gourmand yet Trussardi is a bit bolder and heavier on the flower front.

Silage is: "smell me but don't take a bite!!" --Longevity is: "yumminess for 7+ hours" A gourmand worth sampling if you like warm, comfy scents that feel like a delicious hug.

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Freesia alert
Inside Woman is very soft & subdued on me. Unfortunately, something just doesn't work on my skin, perhaps the freesia accord which I often have trouble with. Glad that I tried before I buyed.

Belle en Rykiel is similar but more wearable for me. Belle en Rykiel is a coffee alternative if you like the style of this fragrance but not enough to purchase a full bottle of Inside Woman.


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