Nesnás Qareen 2019

Nesnás Qareen by Parfum Prissana
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According to EssenceVitae Research Team A popular perfume by Parfum Prissana for women and men, released in 2019. Furthermore The scent is spicy-smoky. Projection and longevity are above-average. The production was apparently discontinued.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Submitted by Can777, last update on 14.05.2024.

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Fire and smoke: dancing magic
The demon "Nesnás Qareen" was already introduced by Can777 and through him I also got to know this being and the scent named after him.
Through experience, I am now prepared for special experiences; because Can's scent gifts are rarely (or actually never) to be measured with normal measure.
Now the question arises here, what is "normal" in the fragrance world anyway?
But we leave that out of it!

A little I usually stabilize myself before the first spray experience; because I'm a small and relatively light woman and who knows what I'll encounter this time!
Who would like to lie helplessly like a bug on his back, because he let go of a scent monster?
Here it was good so, because "Nesnán Qareen" throws himself full scent power towards me, clutches me and immediately tries to take me for himself - with success!

A usual or orderly scent structure I can not perceive here:
"Nesnás Qareen" fires with everything that comes into his devilish little claws!
Dried fruit and spices mix in flight with smoky noble resins: apricots and dates dusted with cinnamon, nutmeg and cumin and noble saffron - as if for Christmas baking. Delicious it is, and not at all frightening!
From incense bowls surround me labdanum and other smokes in dense swathes.
Even incense is there - so very sensitive or even fearful this demon does not seem to be!
To add to all these aromatic scents, this little devil still dispenses them wagging a large piece of leather, laughing blithely (or mischievously?) as he dances around an open fire!
No, it's not Rumpelstiltskin!
But an agile scent creature, who doesn't mind fire, smoke and ash: who rather celebrates them in his own way and as a crowning glory still lights his little pipe.
More aromatic smoke spreads; but it is a fine leaf that is burnt here.
"Devil's stuff" can be interpreted either way: this one is sweetly enticing and powerful at the same time! The temptation to dance around this fragrant fire myself is strong, and when this scent-man also hands me a bouquet of large-flowered scented roses, it's totally done for me - I capitulate!

"Nesnás Qareen: You have dragged me into this fascinating cave of mystery.
You smoked me in aromatic resinous spice, danced for me, and then gave me roses - how could I not succumb to your charms?
Even the little unwashed animals that keep sneaking around and leaving their animalistic exhalations behind, you have integrated into your personal magic: they are simply part of it!

A powerful olfactory being - sweet-fruity, spicy, resinous-smoky and unexpectedly rosy - has taken possession of me and rejoices in its victory!
It radiates and exudes its intoxicating clouds of aroma without hesitation.
Delicate little souls it will put to flight; scent adventurers and high-spirited explorers, however, in bondage and perform a special dance of joy for them!

For many hours this fragrant dance lasts, varied again and again: lit by blazing fire, subdued by ash and smoke!
On my skin, the demon "Nesnás Qareen" turns into an entertaining imp!
It's easy to succumb to him and his olfactory intoxication!
Can has done it again: led me down scent-filled and fun-filled wrong-ways once more!
Thank you, my dear friend!

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Breeze of ashes
Nesnás Qareen is one of three new fragrances from the Gods&Monsters series by Prin Lomros. The name Nesnás or Hadramót comes from the Yemeni-Arabic history. He appears in the fairy tales of a thousand and one nights and describes a kind of deity, mythical creature, demon or in short the devil. His figure is highly macabre. He is a half-human being with half a body, head, arm, leg and the tail of a sheep. He sits on the shoulders of the people he haunts and whispers into your ear doing evil things. So it's no wonder that Nesnás Qareen is opening doors for me and that I have more than one open ear for him!

Nesnás Qareen
Nesnás Qareen is not squeamish about his start. The first contact on the skin is more than worthy of a djinn. It begins with a strong, spectacular ash note paired with light tones of dried apricots. Swaths of extinguished fire and dried fruit orbit you at their finest. Lightly underlaid with leathery-animal Castoreum. After a maximum of ten to fifteen minutes, the scent begins to change. An almost oily and dark rose pierces the veil of ashes and embers. Very heavy and almost juicy. This heaviness is again intensified by a smoked leather chord which covers the rose with it. Soon there will come nuances of spicy,
and dried tobacco and continue to play around the rose. In this state, Nesnás Qareen remains relatively long until it is gently interspersed with a sweet, spicy note. Dark honey, spicy cinnamon, dull saffron and dried dates also give the impression of Halva, which is carried by resinous elemi and incense. In all phases should be mentioned, Nesnás Qareen remains ashy, smoky and gently animalistic!

Prin Lomros himself says about Nesnás Qareen that he is his most demanding fragrance. I totally agree with him! If Interlude is already too much for you, you should keep your hands off here, because Nesnás Qareen has even more smoke and ash on the kettle here. The animalism that Nesnás Qareen exudes during his performance is present, but always on a very aesthetic level. The scent of leather and darkest roses combined with the delicate smell of a dessert lying on warm ashes and dull tones of saffron is beautifully made and is a very successful fragrant sketch of these fairy-tale figures. Personally, I am at least very fond of Nesnás Qareen and can recommend him to anyone who appreciates smoky perfumes. Nesnás Qareen Is now the third fragrance from Prin Lomros that I am writing about and I have to say that he has already become an absolute shooting star for me. Respect!

By the way, you can put it on behind your ears without worrying, don't have to listen when he advises you to do bad things,...unless you have fun with it!


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