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Vanille Exclusive 2018

02.04.2024 - 09:54 PM

Vanilla with a twist

Now, I've tried a handful of Mancera perfumes and a lot of them have not knocked my socks off. However, this one is helping change my mind about the house. This is so beautifully blended and smooth. Yes, the osmanthus is loud as hell, but it does so while allowing the other notes to still come through. I also get the peach, and a bit of sweetness from first spray. The sweetness from the cream and brown sugar definitely give a soft sweetness from the start. Then, the magic happens and the vanilla comes in to amplify the sweetness. It's so yummy and cozy, but also kind of giving "grown and sexy" vibes.

I've seen people compare this to Kilian GGGB, but GGGB lacks the sugary sweetness that this has. While GGGB is nice, I like this one a lot more because I can smell more than osmanthus and woods. This is a stunner and don’t let the bad reviews / lower ratings deter you from at least giving this a try.

This one needs time to grow on your and it definitely needs time to macerate so the vanilla get deep and yummy. Major compliment getter for me in a variety of settings. Too cloying for summer, but works well in most other seasons. Good job Mancera!
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