Imagination 2021

20.04.2024 - 02:06 PM
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Customer of the day

It's been almost a year since I joined this wonderful community and since then I have been able to get to know many new, exciting and inspiring fragrances!

One of the very first fragrances that aroused my interest was "Imagination", which made me very curious simply because of its praise.
So I bought my first bottle of Imagination and when it arrived, I immediately sprayed it on with curiosity.
What followed was pure ecstasy!
In every nuance of its being, this fragrance was and is exactly what I had always dreamed of from a fresh fragrance.

A few days later, as so often in recent years, I went to my regular roastery to treat myself to my weekly espresso! It should be noted that in all this time, the owner had always treated me in a friendly, yet polite and distant manner... Until that day. Because on this day, I had applied Imagination for the first time before setting off and the pleasant cloud that surrounded me apparently also smelled said owner, because she suddenly beamed at me and asked enthusiastically if it was me who smelled so good here? After my wrist answered this question with a clear "yes", she beamed at me again and said:
"This is such an incredibly good smelling perfume. I've never smelled anything so good. For me, you are already MY CUSTOMER OF THE DAY!"
Since that day, I've always been greeted with a smile and, of course, the best flat white in Berlin!"

This fragrance has not only secured a place in my nasal memory for eternity, but also creates encounters that echo forever! I WAS, AM AND WILL REMAIN ENCHANTED!
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Lily Roux

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