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Forbidden Flower 2024

Forbidden Flower by Areej Le Doré
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7.7 / 10 58 Ratings
According to EssenceVitae Research Team Forbidden Flower is a new perfume by Areej Le Doré for women and men and was released in 2024. Furthermore The scent is citrusy-floral. The longevity is above-average.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Submitted by Jakobkn, last update on 14.04.2024.
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The fragrance is part of the "Musk Collection" collection.


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Resinous and musky flowers
I believe this is one of the most versatile works in the musk collection. It opens green, resinoid cannabis (the most realistic ever tried) like having a bud in your hand, to become at times more musky and sparkling. The evolution looks like a green cola with a slightly dark, light indolic flower background. Everything is truly balanced and slightly creamy given by the sandalwood at the end where the more musky animal part that was present at the opening magically emerges to my nose. I could place this as SM's brother but less animalic and with a similar sparkling structure

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The forbidden plant
The name says it all

The fragrance has been extremely interesting for me since the name was announced, as I had already suspected that hemp would be used. An absolute novelty at ALD, according to Russian Adam. I think it's obvious that this step is quite daring. But I take my hat off. The implementation shines in all its facets.

The forbidden plant outgrows itself. The hemp oil is clearly perceptible and creeps through every room and into every nose.
The grapefruit is also clearly perceptible. But not overly sour. I would say tangy-tart. The color scheme has also been nicely adopted here.
Orange-golden, the bottle exudes an image of cool summer evenings.
Together with lime, ginger and turmeric, a spicy, fresh adventure in the forest.
Flowers sprout from the earth.
A skunk stumbles past in the bushland, leaving behind a whiff of its appealing aroma. The animal is clearly perceptible, but not in any unpleasant way, as one would assume, given the animal.

Later in the drydown, I also detect a little vanilla and imagine I smell slightly damp, sweaty moss.

I think I will experience a lot with this fragrance as the season approaches and I am glad that Forbidden Flower will accompany me on my travels.
In my opinion, it's definitely worth a try if you like high quality and new things and you're familiar with the Siberian Musk III fragrance. Because one thing is for sure, you will hardly find anything comparable. It is unique and outstanding.

Flacon and workmanship, as with the Classics, and admittedly, already top class. The presentation is impressive.
Instead of a gold cap and plaque, now in black. Impressively simple and mysterious. The font is reminiscent of ancient diaries and documents from times long past. It simply fits.

A fragrance so mysterious and powerful.
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HolscentbarHolscentbar 22 days ago
Green and floral, crisp like cola and citrusy with spice! Wow


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