Maîtresse 2006

Maîtresse by Agent Provocateur
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6.9 / 10 255 Ratings
According to EssenceVitae Research Team A perfume by Agent Provocateur for women, released in 2006. Furthermore The scent is floral-powdery. It was last marketed by Inter Parfums.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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6.9255 Ratings
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3 Reviews
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Top Review 36  
Mme Montespan... not to be found here.

According to my statistics, maitresse is one of the most worn fragrances. Sounds strange at first, even for me, especially as she scarred dangerously along the launch pad a few times.

But why don't I want to part with a fragrance that I wouldn't have a public opportunity to wear? Or rather, one I thought I didn't wear so often after all.
Because the mistress is actually a couch potato.
When I come home after my day's work, I am drawn into the shower after a good deal of housework and afterwards I actually want one thing: No conspicuous scents.

The Maitresse thus secretly conquered the hit list of home fragrances.
It is subtle, almost reserved, exudes transparent, non-sticky flower powder whose sweetness comes from the flowers alone, leaves a velvety skin and gives me an infinitely well-groomed, clean feeling without having to think of the typical Saubär.

She purrs and purrs, ensnares and caresses. From behind. I didn't realize I was reaching out to her more and more.
Erotic, huh, yes. It is erotic because it gives me a good body feeling, just this velvety skin texture. I feel blurred with her. No pimples, no pillows. Like gephotoshopt.

Ylang subtly sensual, jasmine sambac cooling, rose beguiling, violet tart, musk clean, suede velvet. She hardly appears to be ambered and even Iso only provides the sparkle, does not outshine the scent.

Well, ladies, and this may seem shocking, but isn't it, the mistress? Desire awakening through silent presence. Sneaking insistently into the bed and heart, quietly pulling the strings in the background and barely have you provided yourself, you have decayed with skin and hair. Harhar.
Thank God that it's still in the courtship display phase, bigger dramas are not to be expected, also no poison is mixed in. It is also suitable for sheets, as it beautifies and supports the body's own odour and never fully seizes the skin. Paste neither mouth nor nose of the beloved.

And as much as I was fascinated by Montespan at a young age, today I enjoy the more sweet mistress. By the way, in my imagination blond angel lured, for whatever reason. :)


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Top Review 29  
I'll be back in three days. Please don't wash.
... napoleon wrote to his wife Josefine.

Although she was not his mistress - but he still seemed to have had amorous intentions - and Josefine's natural body odor probably beguiled him sufficiently.
Anyway, he was a nose man
I must agree with him, because for all my love of perfume, I sometimes prefer the natural scent aura of a person.

Chief Forester Mani smells excellent when he comes out of the forest - with a scent train of woody plants, tree resin and damp earth.
My ex brought that cozy horse stable smell into the house.
And my best friend delights my nose with a mixture of washing powder, tobacco and motor oil.
Even fresh sweat can be pleasant.

But I cannot detect these distinctive scents in Maitresse.
A surprisingly light, transparent fragrance - without sophistication or wickedness.
But perhaps the Maitresse of yesteryear did proceed very subtly.
Most of these species were also of fine noble blood.

Maybe copulan has been added to this flowery scent - a fragrance that only beguiles men?

However, I only smell a well-balanced fragrance with many flowery parts - from which the noble Osmanthus stands out.
The slightly tangy violet leaf is an interesting addition - bedded on soft suede.
Amber provides for a discreet sweetness.

Yes, Maitresse pleases me - but does not agree with my associations.
I expected something more daring.

But maybe that's just the trick of the scent?
As the saying goes: Still waters have a deep foundation.


20 Reviews
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Top Review 35  
Sexy?! Or not
What mother doesn't know this? In the past, you were sexy, wicked and up for any kind of fun. The spouse got gasps at the mere thought of a night together, and the hot shoes and clothes were not just condemned to a life in the closet as moth catchers. Today, the sweetheart gets gasps at the thought of a full diaper, and talks his way out of changing it better than any politician in a bribery scandal.
And honestly, who of us has not already crept out of the nursery of the offspring and prayed that it notices nothing and sleeps peacefully on!
I am no exception, and I confess: something called me when I saw Maitresse. Maybe because it promised to give me back some sex appeal or because perfume doesn't frustrate when size 38 around the hips doesn't fit after all. So when Maitresse was marked down to 20 euros, my hour had come. Juhuu should I feel like a goddess in black lace again? He moved in with me, and the first thing I was disappointed. He is not special. Wicked? Not really. But it's nice and sweet and powdery. It's floral and wraps me in a sensual aura. I actually smell the suede out very well, and reminds me of how the perfume used to list on my leather jacket. It doesn't make a goddess out of me, but makes me forget about everyday life, it lets me know " hey, you may not be that wicked crazy thing anymore, but you're special. Be proud, carry your head high and feel with only your senses ". And when I wear it, I feel good, loved, and a little bit ready for infamy. Provided I can sneak out of the nursery ;-)

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Helpful Review 13 had something heavy...
So. at mom who was and is a Scherrer and ' chypre- aldehyde - never heavy and never sweet and never musky..
Her vintage diva sprayed on..
Her statement to 2 sprays Maitresse at me- was - mind you through her FFP2 mask: Ahhh Diva...but hmmm earlier there you had something so ' heavy '. ( with typical
Undertone: I do not like you- or does not fit not in her voice).
Well... I just got me the Maitresse and find him for my use ( winter evenings in front of the fireplace with the dearest : GOOD, suitable and noble -sensual)I may now not my Signature Paris B. not use the whole year- because he is for me spring, early summer and max. sunny early autumn.
I need what floral powdery what can also be like spicy without stale or too sultry dull to smell.
Currently, I smell the golden honey nectar of DIVA on the right arm. So quiet the lady is not, in comparison! But more radiant and brighter.
The Maitresse withdraws just lasciviously, with peacock feather at the headdress in the Boudoir-
Speaking of boudoir... the powderiness that sets in is actually reminiscent of ' BOUDOIR' by Vivienne Westwood.
Why I compare Maitresse at all ( besides) and with DIVA? Because when I 1st spray on M. I actually smell the direction of Diva. The lush florality that is but never flowery, I feel in direct comparison during meanwhile very similar.
I wish Maitresse would end at head and heart... the base could be a little more woody and a little clearer.
Tomorrow I test the reaction of the dearest before' m fireplace. wish me luck.... ;) that he does not depart stunned, but.... ;-)
P. S. If you loved a tip would have which fragrance I could test times, the head and heart of Maitresse continues and less powdery-cuddly in the base fades out!
All in all, I find Maitresse really nice and he stands out from the trendy one-size-fits-all and is fortunately not gourmandig!

247 Reviews
Very helpful Review 10  
Powdery Suede for a Seductress
I have to be honest - it took me a long, long time to fully appreciate Maitresse. Reviews are all over the board for this fragrance, and I have a couple thoughts why that might be so.

For starters, AP Maitresse is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. A little bit floral, a little bit musky, a little bit aldehydic, a little bit woody. However, all those little bits sit on top of a soft, powdery suede that is present throughout the wear. At this price point, a powdery suede is unusual, unique & unexpected. On me at night & on cooler days, it morphs into a skin scent and is delightful layered with its body butter.

Although not as stunning as the original, this AP is highly wearable. Moreover, Maitresse is very unlike other AP fragrances. It's not the head turner that's AP original nor the voluptuousness startler that's AP Strip nor the coyish nymph that's AP Eau Emotionelle. Instead, Maitresse waits for the gentleman rather than grabs him. It's the fragrance of a seasoned woman who knows what she wants and gets it without attention-grabbing, force, or teasing. Paired with the right attitude, Maitresse is suited for the boudoir, as are all fragrances in the AP range.

AP Maitresse's style is old-school Hollywood. She wears sling back heels, a Veronica Lake hairstyle, high-waisted skirts, long-sleeve shirts, and fabulous undergarments. And that's probably why Maitresse gets more rotation in my wardrobe than AP original, AP Strip, and AP Emotionelle ... combined.
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